App Trailers Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

App Trailers Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my App Trailers Review:

If you are searching for App Trailers and how does it work and whether it can be a legit way to make money online or a scam then this is the right place to visit. In this review, I will show each and everything about this program.

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App Trailers Review – Introduction:

Making money from doing small tasks are not a new concept, and if you have been part of Get Paid To (GPT) platforms, then you have definitely performed some of the minor tasks and earned money. The tasks may include watching ads, filling out a form, giving your opinion and watching videos.

I know that these tasks may not earn you a fulltime income, but it may be a good for those people who are looking for some residual income. Even majority of people don’t exceed $20 to $50 per month.

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It takes time, but once you start investing your time and effort, it will result in income that gets accelerated time after time. Well, if you cannot afford it then I suggest you be a part of platforms just like App Trailers.

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What is App Trailers?

It is a pretty simple and legit way to make money from your mobile phone. If you have free time, then you may invest your free time by installing an app on your mobile phone and watching videos.

App Trailers earn money by displaying an ad show before every video. Those companies pay this company to show their ads to the members.

App Trailers is not a new company, and it has improved over the years. It also adds more income opportunity to the members.

How Does App Trailers work?

Once you have installed this app, all you need to login to this system and app trailers, game videos, music videos, movie trailers, and TMZ videos.

Each of these videos will reward you points that can be accumulated in your account. Once it reached the specified limit, then you may redeem those points for different rewards. The rewards can be of Amazon, Sephora, Footlocker and iTunes gift cards.

Please also note that apart from watching videos you can also earn points by uploading videos, and someone liked those videos. That’s cool!

Earning Potential of App Trailers:

I think this is the most serious question that you are searching for. Well, as I said earlier it is not something that is gonna make you rich or earns you a fulltime income.

Normally the video length is around 30 seconds along with 30 seconds ad. Each video will reward you with 5 points.

Remember that 10 points are equivalent to one cent.

If you spend one hour on watching videos, then do the math. Well, in my opinion, you can earn up to 300 points which are approximately equal to $0.30. Well, the earning may be increased on sometimes but let’s suppose if it is even $1 after one hour then it is not enough for wasting your precious hour.

Is App Trailers Worth The Time?

I think every person has its own priorities. Making $3 to $5, to my side, is not enough money even when you are spending 8 to 10 hours per day or even more.

Even you cannot run this app for the whole day. But if you do believe that this is right for you or don’t have money to invest in other projects then you can earn here and invest it in a better platform to get a bigger pie.

Honestly speaking, I don’t go for it. I have already spent my years on a similar platform, and now I repent on my lost time. My suggestion is to go for some legitimate business opportunity. Though it will cost you money and demand your commitment as well at the same time rewards you more.

Think big and achieve big. If you can dream it, you can get it. That’s what I believe.

Pros vs. Cons:


Some Earning Potential – You can earn some money by investing your time. You don’t need to pay any registration fee and any other charges. You are getting paid to do something you most likely would do with your mobile phone.

Multiple Payments Option – Once you reached the threshold limit, then you may choose from a number of options available.  This may include Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, and other gift cards. Even now they have added PayPal as an option.

Awesome App – There is nothing sophisticated about this app. It is very simple and easy to use. The interface looks good, and it is designed for everything that currently it is being used to watch videos, make a referral, and cash out your points.

The videos loading time is very quick which makes it to a great extent easy to watch numerous videos in a short span, and you get your points credited instantly.

Refer Your Friends– If you are good at referring people, then this is another good way to boost your points.  I know this is not easy for most of the people. I have written a guideline on how to refer people which can be a useful guide to multiply your earning.

The app gives you an opportunity to send instant messages to your contacts. The points will be credited to your account when your referral download the app and sign up. With this done you get a hundred points for everybody who joins under you.


Very Low Earning Potential – This is the main drawback of App Trailers. It would take time to reach minimum cashout limit of 500 points.  As you are nearly paid 5 points for watching videos, so you need to watch at least 100 videos. They also allow a signup bonus along with referral points once you refer someone.

But if you reside only on watching videos then it will take a bit longer to reach this limit.

It Is Only A Supplemental Income– I must state, however, that this shouldn’t be considered as a disadvantage, but it you will still need to be aware of it. App Trailers is not a get rich program, nor is it going to make you a fulltime income. It can get you some extra cash on a regular basis. So if you’re looking for an app that will make you rich, then you’ll need to search for other programs.

My Final Take:

Overall, App Trailers is a legit earning opportunity to make some extra pocket money and definitely it is not a scam. If you think earning $3 to $5 after spending 8 to 10 hours per day is worth the time, then go for it. Moreover, if you don’t have money to start new but stable venture then after spending few months, you could earn some money that may be invested there.

Personally, I don’t go for it as I have explained earlier that I have wasted few years on opportunities similar to this. Now I am pretty satisfied that I have found a very legit program that is helping me earning a fulltime income from home.

I f you are also looking for such opportunity then see my #1 recommendation here.