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If you are looking for an honest review of appcoiner, then you just found yourself one. I’ve had the chance to use the program and get deep into to its ways of operation.

So if the whole idea of the program is what you want, and also would like to get to know whether it’s a worthwhile opportunity for you to make a few bucks for playing games like candy crush, I assure you are going to get all that right here.

My app coiner review also gives you my final verdict on this particular program which is going to help you see if it’s something you want to get involved with or not. And also show you what really works.

So without any more words, let’s get rolling.

Business Name: App CoinerApp Coiner Review
Website Address:
Owner: Not Available
Price: One-time fee of $27
Rankings: 70 out of 100

App Coiner Review – Introduction:

Every day, every week, there is always a new money making system or program being created on the web. You are going to find lots of online programs flooding your email, promising you heaven once you’ve clicked through the links they have offered, after a huge chunk of enticing words to lure you into joining it. But does it mean that all these opportunities are real and serious? Or are they all just but mere scams?

Well, there is one thing you need to know when it comes to dealing with online jobs or income opportunities. Anyone can set up a program and promote it to people out there. And if they are lucky enough to have people join it, he is free to make money out of them. Apart from the United States, many countries don’t really have tight rules about creating Ponzi schemes and making money out of them.

That’s why you are going to find many scam artists walking away unpunished even after having made hundreds of thousands of dollars through scamming people.

And this basically means that you have got to be really careful with what you decide to work with. Don’t be quick to jump at any opportunity presented to you at the first contact. The presentations you get of any program you get are well thought out, and will definitely move you. But if you are firm and listen to the presentation with the awareness that it’s made by a sales expert, you are going to see through many of the scams.

But if you just click on the sales link right after watching the video or reading their promotional content of any advertised product, you should be prepared to be ripped off quite often.

A good way to catch the scams pants down is by reading reviews online of people who’ve had an experience with them. They will give you a good insight into the actual program and tell you, along with proof, whether your investment in the product is worth it. And to show you how practical this is, let me give a good deal of insight into App Coiner.

What is App Coiner?

This is a program that is allegedly set to help people make money through testing apps. According to the program, it’s said that there are many apps out there waiting to get recognition. And by test driving them and then giving your personal reviews of them, you help create awareness of the app which may lead to many more people getting the app, which is the ultimate goal. And you get paid to do this testing and reviewing thing.

So it appears as a win-win situation, as the developer of the app gets his app to get many downloads, and then you, as the affiliate also get to make money by testing it and sharing your experience with other people and finally, App Coiner, above all else, also makes quite some dollars for bringing you and the app developer together.

The owner of this program remains unknown. And this is not a good sign. When an owner of any program isn’t upfront with their identity, there must be something fishy going on at the back end of the program, and you don’t want to get caught up in the mess that that may happen.

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How Does it Work?

Well, the process of “making money with app Coiner” is very simple. But if you are to make a good deal of it, you are going to want to be a good reviewer. This is because it is from your reviews that you are going to generate income.

What you need to understand is that this program is a sort of an affiliate marketing program that is set on having people market App Coiner and the apps of developers who hire workers in the program, to folks out there, and then have them join appcoiner or download the apps being promoted through their special link.

Let me try and boil things down even more.

Here is is how app Coiner works:

• Create Your Account

The first thing you will have to do is to register for an account with App Coiner. Your account is where you get the apps that you are going to test out and then write reviews for them. And this, you need to note, is going to have you pay $27. You can’t create a free account, so you will have to pay the one-time fee to get access to the member’s area once and for all. After you are done opening your account, you will get you log in details which you will be using to get into the site.

• Choose and Test the Apps

After you’ve gotten your account, you are going to get thousands of apps in the app stores, for Apple and Android. So the next thing you are going to do is to choose from the numerous apps and get an app that interests you the most and is pretty easy to use. This means testing each one of them until you get the best one.

A good technique to work your way through this is to look for the apps that have been created by well-known developers in the industry, who have a vast experience in the field. Their apps are the best and have got very few problems. After you’ve gotten the one, you are going to click on it and get a link that you will make money through. This is an affiliate link, as I mentioned earlier.

So with this, you are going to have people come and join appcoiner or download the app through the link and follow the same procedure as you. And for each person who joins or makes the download, you are paid.

• Writing Your Honest Review

Here, after you have gotten the affiliate link, you will be writing a review of the app to give people the gist of the app and how it feels like to use it. And you will need to be thorough with your review, making sure that you don’t leave out any mistakes or omissions. If your review is not thorough or has got a lot of spelling mistakes, it is going to be rejected, and you will have to write a new one.

So if you want to get approved right away, do a nice, well detailed and comprehensive review of the app, and you’ll even save yourself some time for another app, which is more money in your account.

• Making Affiliate Commissions

Well, after you’re done with the review, you will have to wait for people to come and read your review. If they find it convincing enough to try the system, they will download the app or join App Coiner through your link, and this is when you are going to make commissions.

Who is it For?

By the mere look of things, the program is best for affiliates who’ve had a good experience with affiliate marketing. But the good thing about it is that if you have a smartphone, whether and iPhone or Android, tablet, iPad or any other smart device, you are pretty much eligible for this product.

Playing games can’t get any better than this. And everyone will agree with me that even the people in their 70’s still do get to play games, the action packed and mind boggling ones, right? And if after all that fun you get to generate an income once you’ve told people what the gaming experience felt like, and have them come over and try the game too, isn’t this amazing?

But as with most programs, you are going to want to be prepared to put in some great effort to make it work for you. You will have to test out like ten games if you want to make at least $100 a day. (If their calculation system is legit and pays as promised) with a “sale” going to about $15 each, you can gather up to $150 for just ten sales.

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What is Included in the Product?

As you would expect, App corner has quite some features to help make money making the process a seamless one. But not really many resources, as you may think. The resources included in the program are:

• Ebooks and videos – They offer relatively insightful ebooks to show you how to go about the whole app testing phase, what you should look for, like speed, interface, performance and consistency among others, how to get around the back end of the app and how you evaluate the whole app at a general glance. You also get tips on how to maximize the earning potential of your review on your website.

• Earnings Calculator – You are given a calculator, which seems to be quite common across all websites of such nature, which helps you determine how much you can earn with app corner in a week, a month or a year. And if you will be doing this full time, you get to know how much you will be making on a monthly, weekly and yearly basis.

And the figures you get here, I can promise, are quite intriguing. They can get you to sign up for an account almost immediately you have a reasonable calculation of the time you are willing and able to put into the program.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Accessible and pretty intuitive across all smart devices. You don’t get any problems trying to locate some of the resources within the program. All smart devices have the same appearance and layout.

• You get a 60 days money back guarantee. This means that if in any case, you find the program not giving what it promises or not working as promised, you can ask for a full refund without having to answer any questions to anyone.

• You start working immediately you’ve gotten your account opened. You don’t have to wait for days to have the account prepared for earnings.

• The apps are already there; you only have to choose from the wide variety. According to your choice and preference and get the testing and reviewing going. You don’t have to wait for them to be submitted. You have them waiting for you, so there are no delays at all.

• There is no earning limit. You can test out as many apps as you want and get to earn as much income as you possibly want.

The Cons

• You cant work with it without a good internet connection. Since everything is online, the apps and the testing job, you are going to want to have a pretty powerful connection to do this without any hassles.

• Many people who have used the program are complaining about having earned for awhile and then had their accounts that had money, closed and had so many problems trying to get the account up and running again.

• The owner of this program earns both ways, from the developers and from those who want to make money out of it. The developers pay to get their apps tested, and the people who test them out also have to pay a fee to actually make money from it.

• The owner is not upfront with his identity which means he is not fully committed to it. And this may pose a great threat when it comes to a point when you find your account banned or the program having vanished overnight. Getting back your commissions can really prove to be very difficult.

• The program’s support system isn’t very reliable.

Final Verdict:

Looking at the whole App Coiner program from a general sense, you can see that it can be great to work with it as it pays you to do what you like, plays games, but things aren’t really as good as they sound. You don’t get to concentrate on the game as you usually do when you are playing for fun. You have to keep your eyes peeled for things like speed and performance, which means that you have to look at the app from a developer’s lens most of the time, which reduces the actual fun in it.

Also, the fact that the program charges you $27 to start earning all the while charging the developers for having used their services isn’t really fair. If the price was going at $10 or less, this could be reasonable. And if you were to do some quick reasoning you can see what I mean. If you are going to pay $27 to start making money with this program, and you’re just looking for a job, what do you think the developers who are now hiring the services pay the owners?

You see what I mean?

So is app Coiner a scam? Not really.

But is it the kind of program that you want to work with for life or some few years to come? Definitely not! You will want look elsewhere.

Final verdict – Legit

Name: App Coiner
Owner: mysterious
Price: a one-time fee of $27
Rankings: 70 out of 100

Have you ever been to this program before? Have you really earned it? What would you tell those who are looking to join it? And what was the thing that struck you the most about it? We would all love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your feedback below.

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