Andre Maronian My Life Review – Scam or Legit?

If you have landed to my unique Andre Maronian My Life Review, chances are that you are looking for the truth about this program, My Life by Andre Maronia. Well, guess what? You’ve just landed on the best place to get just that! I’ve been on this product for quite a while, researching, examining and analyzing. And I can assure you that I’ve collected a massive amount of information.

So you may want to read this article to the end as every word of it counts, if you want to know the whole truth.

I will spill out everything you need to know about My life and help you understand the real gist of the website before you spend a dime on it. After that, I will leave it upon you to know what’s best for you and what step to take next, though, I will be giving my final verdict on the product and I strongly believe that this verdict is going to see you through a better choice.

And with that, let’s delve into the program…

Business Name: My Lifemy life review
Website Address:
Price: $10 onwards , no investment limit
Rankings: 48 out of 100
Verdict: You may want to think twice about it…

My Life Review – Introduction:

Getting your way around the web may appear as a fairly easy task but in reality it may be perhaps the hardest thing you’ll ever do in your life. Getting a realistic online program that you can work with for the rest of your lifetime and have it pay you consistently may take weeks, months, years and even decades before you realize what works best for you and how well to work out that which works best to get you the measure of success that you so much desire.

If you plan on hanging around a bit longer in the online world, then you may want to know that there are billions of online programs that will promise you overnight success with the least amount of time, money and effort. And later on, you will get to realize that it is all but an outright lie to get you to dish out your money into the ponzi scamming scheme. So I’d say you keep your credit card safe by not jumping blindly on any program that presents itself to you. Be on watch for any scams out there or you’ll fall into their trap like an deer prancing into a trap.

You are going to meet them every single day in different ways on different niches and they are going to try to have you join them through very enticing deals and discounts and fake promises just to have in there and the moment you join, instead of making more success, you will be giving much of it to them by having them charge your card as often as possible and then making the services hard to access or giving you counterfeit ones. And this will follow a series of heartbreaks that will lead you to a clear understanding and conclusion that you have been scammed! And trust me, this is not something you want to experience… Been there done that, and I know how painful it can be.

And having made mention of scams, could it possibly be that this new one, My Life, is among the many scams or it’s just a purely legit product that would work for you? Having taken the pain of doing a thorough research on it evidently shows you’ve got interest in it, and it’s good because that is what everyone should do. So let’s undress it and see what it is really like.

So here we go…

What is My Life?

This is basically a website that claims to help people achieve the wildest of their business dreams by getting a platform to see them through the technical aspect of the dream to a smiling paycheck. This means that you only need your passion to join it and then state what you want to work on and they will help you get there. The brand, “My Life” came from the idea of having to do work in a flexible way that your life deserves, where you don’t get to be restricted to a certain strategy or path to be successful.

It came into existence back in 2011 and its based in Tampa, Florida.

And the brainchild of this program? The known Andre Maronia. This is a name that has been frequently heard of in the ‘make money online’ niche. Andre came to gain popularity when he was in ACN as its affiliate. He then went to 5-linx where he stayed a little while and then joined another multi level marketing program in the energy and travel niche which was known as Invado. In 2013, this program came to a sudden halt and Andre had to look for another option. That’s when he came up with My Life. So you can see how he’s been doing in the market, not very well.

How Does it Work?

This is easy. They say that you only have to dream, get the idea of your dream solid and join the website to get it all done. They are going to help you build your business from scratch and take you to your first paycheck. They will provide support, tools and all the resources you should need through your business making phase.

But you will have to buy the products, which will be going for different prices based in what niche or dream you choose to work with.

The company also pays people to help them market the program as it is clearly indicates, which means, affiliate marketing here is still considered. And looking into the payment plan, you will see some sort of a level structured like strategy which, as we will be catching a glimpse of, is more of a multi level marketing thing. Andre has had some good deal of experience in this niche so he won’t dare afford to miss the inclusion of its strategies.

Who is it For?

By looking at its way of operation, it is clear that this is the ‘thing’ for people who are looking to supplement their income and live a better life. Also, it would be best suit donors as the ‘About Us’ page for the company states that most of the money goes to charity. So if you are touched by their passion, you can contribute something to charity as well. More to that, if you are an affiliate, you may want to rush in here and get the referrals flowing in all the more in exchange for a good pay based on their compensation plan.

What is Included in the Product?

This product comes quite in handy. There are lots of services that it sells to its members to allegedly create a successful business online and maintain the quality of their businesses. And to get more about the products and services, let’s take a peek at what they’ve included in the product:


• My datacloud – This is a service that helps you keep your data for your business safely and well securely. The info is regularly backed up for the owner’s easy reference. (Service goes for $19.95 a month)

• My Techsupport – A huge amount of resources to help you every step of the way. Get on-site techies, support, resources to help get easy solutions by yourself.(Goes for $14.95 a month)

• My Trust Alarm – This is a securing provision to help you with anything you’d want safely protected, all your security systems are safe with this. (Goes for $35.95 to $53.95 a month)

• My USA pack and My Canada pack – Here members can gather up lots of services and products and get a deal for them as a whole. (No price indicated)

• My Credit store – Here you get all your billing info and all your financial services are handled well. ( No price given)

• My ID protect – Fraud and theft is dealt with in this service. You should keep your identity hidden as they will show you. (Goes for $14.95 a month)


• My Auto – A treatment specially made for fuel with compounds of organo metal and mineral oils that will help improve the burning rate of your fuel thus saving lots for you. (No price mentioned)

• My Growmax – This is to help you make your lawn increase in value and appearance, if you’ve also got a food growing lawn, this product will help hasten your next harvest. (Goes for $34.97 a spray bottle or $101.97 for refiling gallon)

• My Life Discount – a program to help you access the company’s dining, entertainment and even shopping services. (Goes for $19.95 a month)

• Pure green coffee spills – This is a bottle of supplements for the “Green Coffee” brand with 60 capsules to help with weight loss. (Goes for $24.97 a bottle)

• My Greenclean – This comprises of a wide range of green solutions. (Goes for $7.99 to $19.97)

The Compensation Plan:

The best pocket of people who will benefit a lot from My Life are the affiliates, being paid for helping to sell the company’s products and for recruiting other members in to the company either directly or through 2&10 bonus of the residual commission. Let’s see exactly how this works.

My Life Rankings for Affiliates

Affiliates here are categorized into 8 major categories. And along with the category comes different expectations. Here is what happens:

1. IBO – This is a member who registers and gets to pay a monthly fee of $30 to $50.

2. Certified Life Representative (ClR) – Helps to make sales of over $100 while he is an Independent Life Rep (ILR)

3. Independent Life Rep – This is an affiliate who either helps to make sales of products worth $690 or refers more than six people into the program or pays $399.

4. Regional Team coach
5. Executive Life Coach
6.Life Coach
7. National Vice President
8. International Vice President

From number 4 all the way down, no information has been provided to help people understand it and know what pick is best for them. And something you should also note is that none of the information above is given in the website, this is gotten from deep searching from other external sources.

Recruitment Commissions

When a member gets through to being a CLR affiliate within 30 days of joining the company, his recruiter is paid. And the payout for this depends on which category the recruiter is at. For:

• International Vice President affiliates, $270 is paid
• National Vice President affiliates, $250 is paid
• Regional Team Coach affiliates, $200 is paid
• Executive Team coach, $130 is paid
• Life Coach affiliates, $100 is paid
• CLR affiliates, $50 is paid

Also when the referrals that have been personally referred to the company get to refer other people, more payouts are made. And this is how the paychecks are disbursed. For:

• International Vice President affiliates, are paid upto $220
• National Vice President affiliates, are paid upto $200
• Regional Team Coach affiliates, are paid upto $150
• Executive Team coach, are paid upto $80
• Life Coach affiliates, are paid upto $50

Retail Commissions

Any member of the company who sells the company’s products on behalf of the company usually gets a Personal Commission Volume given to each product. And once the sales happen, a 50% PVC is paid to the affiliate if he is an IBO and for the ILR, 100% is given.

Residual Commissions

There is also another commission, the Leadership Commission-able Volume, or the LVC that is usually paid out when an affiliate sells a product. This is given in the following percentages:

• International Vice President, gets 12%
• International Vice President 1star, gets 6%

• National Vice President, gets 24%
• National Vice President 1 star, gets 10%
• National Vice President 2 stars, gets 6%

• Regional Team Coach, gets 12%
• Regional Team Coach 1 star, gets 6%

• Executive Team Coach, gets 12%

• Life Coach, gets 6%

• Direct upline, gets 6%

The above commissions paid are usually the commissions that remain after the less rank percentages have been paid. Also, you will have to keep in mind that the coded orders remain the way they were at the beginning, for the first affiliate from whom the order was made, through the life of the affiliate membership.

The 2&10 Bonus

This is sort of another level where a member has to satisfy two things before he is brought on board; must have gotten two referrals in the CLR category within a month and you must have given off 10 BV. The amount of commissions depend on what rank or category you are at and the amount of downline affiliates you’ve got. And so this is how the 2&10 Bonus payments are made:

• International Vice President – For having recruited 50 affiliates, you’ll get to the bonus here and be paid $5,000, for 100 referrals you get $15,000 and for 150 referrals you are paid $40,000.

• National Vice President – For having recruited 10 affiliates, you’ll get to the bonus here and get paid $4,000, for 20 affiliates you are given $13,000 and for 30 referrals you still get $13,000.

• Regional Team Coach – For having recruited 3 affiliates you’ll get to the bonus here and get paid $750, for 6 referrals you are given $3,000 and for 10 referrals you are given $7,000.

• Executive Team Coach – For having recruited 2 affiliates, you’ll get to the bonus here and be paid $500, for 5 referrals you are given $1,000 and for 6 referrals you are given $2,000.

• Life Coach – For having recruited 1 affiliate you’ll get the bonus here and get paid $100, for 3 affiliates you are given $1,000 and for 5 referrals you are given $3,000.

Any affiliate can get his commission for this bonus raised by 10% only if they are ranked as a 1 star, and can get raised by 25% if they ranked as a 2 star.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The commissions here are so enticing and can bring a stable income to the affiliates if the method of operation were to work as stated.

• The program gives people the platform and motivations to work hard on their recruitment so that they can climb up the ranks and increase their monthly payment.

The Con’s

• Andre has been caught a lot of times in many fraud cases and scams. I’ve seen more than 10 personal reviews of people who he’s worked with, promising them a good business with a lifetime opportunity and then he gives poor quality services without any explanation.

• The fact that this opportunity presents itself as a flexible one that one can work with using any passion in life in practically any niche, this is not quite what it offers. You are, to a given extent, limited to the range of products they offer. You cannot work on your passion based business without having to help them sell their products.

• The program seems to incline more on the referrals and recruitment. If you look at the payment plan, it gives more info on the way people are paid based on the referrals they make. So you may want to be prepared to get into the affiliate marketing thing for the company if you want an averagely good pay.

• There are unnecessary time limits they give to members to get them to convert quickly. This is not what a service oriented program does. People should be given the opportunity to consider the benefits of joining and then get the money and join. Time limits, I believe take programs far from achieving their goals.

• You can’t make money with this program if you don’t have an initial investment on it. You have to get prepared to put not less than $200 a month for the next two to three months so that you can get some money coming into your wallet. You may even take longer than that depending on what products you choose to work with and how well they sell.

• The affiliate categories are good as they motivate people to work hard so that they are promoted but the chances of making referrals with this program, considering what the program does, can prove to be quite a difficult task to work on. People want a simple and easy to use strategy to get money and chances are that they’ll hesitate to join once you get to explain how people are ranked and the necessities of being promoted.

• It is easy to get confused with the compensation plan going by the many ways payments are made. There are at least 3 ways one is paid and you have to keep checking the rank you are at so that you can determine your next paycheck. Sometimes, your expectations may disappoint you as you may think you are to get all the bonuses and find out that you get only one or no Bonuses at all. This system is just so confusing!

• You have to market the company’s products to climb up the ranks. This means that you can’t sell your dream business and get promoted here. You are going to want to help them make sales first and then work on your dream later. But they don’t say this, all you get is a “build your dream now, with what you have been wanting all this while” statement and then you find something quite contrary to that.

Final Verdict:

So with all the lesson learnt and the tables turned, it’s time to give my verdict on this. Considering their promises, it may seem like a good opportunity to leverage but looking at what you actually find in the program, it shows nothing but a complete change of plans. Also considering the reputation of Andre Maronian in the market, you will want to get another program as his reputation is not that good.

So is this the ” Andre Maronian My life scam “? I hate to say this but, yes. You would not want to work with this program if you are a serious long term guy. You don’t know what may happen 3 months down the line as the other programs of his have done. So please keep off it.

Final verdict – SCAM!

Name: My Life
Price: $10 onwards , no investment limit
Rankings: 48 out of 100
Verdict: You may want to think twice about it…

Have you had any experience with any of Andre’s programs before? Let us know what it felt like. Please leave your experience below and give insight to the others.

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