Amazon Niche Site Formula (ANSF) – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Amazon Niche Site Formula (ANSF) – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Amazon Niche Site Formula
Website Address:
Price: $129, $329
Business Owner: Lyman Perrine
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

Amazon Niche Site Formula Scam Review – Introduction:

Amazon Niche Site Formula was launched by Lyman Perrine. Many people are now earning regular income by building niche sites and promoting different products that are relevant to their site. There are millions of products available online that you can promote and earn affiliate commission. One of the best site you can use is Amazon which is an online store and you can find almost any products there.

Amazon Niche Site Formula is a training platform which also guides you how to build a niche sites. They will further guide you how to promote Amazon products using your niche site.

What is Includes in Amazon Niche Site Formula?

Amazon Niche Site Formula is a well explained training course consist of 10 training modules which guide you about how to build niche sites. This system is based on the following premise:

First: Do niche research – It is very important for your business and your whole business will be stand on this foundation. Most of the people choose niche that will not suite to the current trend but this training will guide you how to do this and do it effectively.

Second Optimized Sites – After finding niche your next task is to plan for the website and its creation. You will also learn what to write and how to write reviews. If have no previous experience with website creation then no worry this is the platform for you.

Third: Traffic Trio – Once your setup ready then your task is to drive traffic to your site using SEO that will help you to generate leads and signups. When you apply these traffic trio then you get targeted traffic, build list etc.

If you move into training section then there you will find ten training modules which includes:

(Owner claim that they have earned $1000 per day based on the following information from one site.)

Niche Research – You will learn here how to research niche that you can use for your business. Finding niche is easy but in order to find the right niche is very difficult. A right niche is called to someone that is profitable, large audience, low visitors and something in which you have interest. The best way that you will learn is going to Amazon site that has lot of product categories and subcategories.

Understand your Audience – It is a great way to progress because once you understand your audience needs then you can better provide solution to people of your niche.

Set Goals – Goals are very important because it will track you on the right place and you always try to reach them. SMART is the main criteria for goals. It means:

S for Specific

M for Measurable

A for Attainable

R for Result Oriented

T for Time bounded

Pick A Site Model – You will learn different sites model like blog, ecommerce, website etc. It will help you to decide which model is best for you and you even can use more than one model.

Setup Your Website – This is important because now you are building your foundation and training provides you step by step approach. You will also know different CMS system that you can use for website building.

SEO Your Sites – Search engine optimization is very important in order to make your site friendly with search engines especially with Google. This helps you to get organic traffic that is more likely to convert than social media and direct traffic.

Drive Traffic – This is the most important step because a website without traffic is exactly the same as shop without a customer. Traffic is nearly equal to money and it also depends on you how to convert this into money. Apart from organic traffic that you generate from search engines you will also learn how to drive traffic from paid advertising.

Expand Your Network – You cannot stay long on one niche site as you are doing online business and business need to expand in order to capture more market share. This is exactly what you will learn here once your initial site start earning you decent money.

Automation – Content creation is the main thing if you want to expedite the process of site creation. You will learn here how to write this automatically for your niche sites.

Flip your Sites – You will learn here how to flip your niche sites and earn money. Flipping sites are a great business and you can earn instant large sum of money from your site.

Amazon Niche Site Formula Pros vs. Cons:


  • Good training on affiliate marketing through niche sites. Training is very comprehensive on most of the modules and it leaves nothing for you.
  • Different templates that will ease of some of the process like niche research, reviews creation, outsource website etc.
  • Reasonable community and support and also access to private Facebook page.


  • Though overall training is good but there are some training modules which are not fully elaborated like PPC campaign.
  • It is advocating on some duplicate content which can be a risky for business.
  • Price is very high for such type of training.

Amazon Niche Site Formula Price:

You can get the basic package for $129 and this will allow you all the training, resources, and templates but this package doesn’t allow you site setup service. In order to get the full access you must pay $329 and they will make a first site for you. This package will also provide you $500 bonus.

Is Amazon Niche Site Formula a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Amazon Niche Site Formula is a good product and you can learn some great ways to start niche sites and promoting Amazon products. Cost is on the high side and there is also some other issues that I have mentioned in the cons area that you should consider before joining this product.

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