Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Review – Is it a Scam or Legitimate?

Does this Amazon Mechanical Turk work on the legit basis or it has been working on the scam basis, we will let you know.

We will give to our readers the complete review of this market place and guide them whether they can make money with this program or not?

So without further delay, let’s check out complete details about Amazon Mechanical Turk platform in this review;

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review Summary

Product Name: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Founder: Launched by Amazon in 2005

Product Type: Complete small tasks and earn money

Price: Free to Join

Best For: Starters to earn some extra money

Summary: It is a site that is owned by Amazon where you earn money for completing simple tasks.

Ratings: 75 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a kind of market place and crowdsourcing solution platform which only need and require human intelligence.

This project and set up was created by Amazon, which is the biggest e-commerce giant on the planet. 

This project is working on the mission that only certain tasks and complex problems can only be solved by human beings instead of computers.

Examples of tasks that require human intelligence are;

  1. Selection of pictures and videos;
  2. Transcribing large number of videos;
  3. Searching data details; and
  4. Write short descriptions about products.

All these tasks are completed over here by human beings.

If there is a heavy project at your end and you have to get it done and also get it to be completed on time then you can use this Amazon Mechanical Turk platform.

Here you can choose the person of your own choice and this platform will complete your heavy projects fast and quickly.

It is one of the crowdsourcing solutions which is only build and made for such sort of projects and tasks. These tasks are named as Human intelligence tasks or you can call them with name of HIT tasks.

It is not a necessary thing that only a single person has to work on the single human intelligence task.

Even more than one persons can work on a single HIT task. You can let multiple people to work on your project so that it can be done quickly.

You can even explore the market place of Amazon Mechanical Turk so that you can look more workers. It has been since 2005 that this crowdsourcing site has been in business.

It is definitely not a scam site ant actually work professionally. On the other hand, some companies linked with this market place, they do work on few of the unethical business practices, that is why you have to be careful when you look for work.

How To Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk?

So how a person can make money by using Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. If linked with this platform, you should stay away from those companies that ask from you yours credit card details.

This program never ask for the personal information. So if any client ask from you any personal details, you should simply reject their offer.

Moreover, you have to be careful and should know the signs of a scammer. If some offer comes with attractive rates then you should not immediately start working on that offer; e.g.,

If you get an offer that will make 10 dollars in less than 10 minutes then that will be a scam only.

You can too join other forums, like you can visit this MTurk forum, or you can join this Turker nation forum so that you can know and learn the ways that which offers should be accepted and which one needs a rejection from your side.

You can also download this toolbar which is named as Turkopticon toolbar. This toolbar will give you reviews about this Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. You will get enough review from other workers on this toolbar site.

Most of the projects on this platform can be quickly completed, while other need a time to be completed. You have to read all instructions of your project carefully so that you can hit the project requirements on time.

You have to develop the reputation that you can manage projects and complete hits on time. You should not leave the tasks in a middle way.

This will create a bad reputation of yours on this platform. If you will be approaching some of the higher paid projects, or higher paying hits then you have to pass one usability test too. If you will pass that usability test then you will be given that project.

It is the team of Amazon that keeps the income earning track of its users. Complete record will be managed by team of Amazon that how many hits you have completed and missed and how many are still pending.

It is in the amazon back office that your earnings record will appear.

You can also convert this payment into Amazon gift cards form. These gift cards will let you to make purchases only on the Amazon website.

If you want to get payment in cash then you only have to add the details of your bank account right into your Amazon profile.

This platform ensure that one cannot use this source for any fraudulent purpose or for the spamming purpose.

You cannot do your direct marketing over here. From your total payment amount, 20% of amount will be taken by Amazon because it will be their commission.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Complaints:

There are only few complaints which are received by this Amazon Mechanical Turk platform and here you will get an idea about them:

Strict Rules and Regulations

This source does not allow any company to use it for direct marketing and advertising purpose. Your account will be blocked if you will use this source for marketing, advertising purpose only.

On one aspect this is good as it reduces the spam but sometimes members get their account banned for no reason. My suggestion is to just utilize this platform to get a required workforce and get your tasks done.

Charged 20% Commission

This source takes commission as well. Like they deduct 20% of payment amounts. This is a little bit of discouraging aspect which is not liked by the members of this platform.

But still you can find lot’s of buyers here and you can earn a decent commission still after paying 20% commission.

Good Things About the Company

Make Some Money

It is one of the legitimate ways to earn money. You can work on Amazon Mechanical Turk from home. Though it is difficult to get an income from this platform on a full time basis, but you can easily work part time over here.

Many people have claimed that they can earn 400 dollars to 500 dollars on a per week basis from this platform, but it is difficult to believe on it. But yes you will earn enough cash while working on this crowdsourcing platform.

Hire Professional Workers

You can easily hire those Amazon Mechanical Turk masters and workers who have been reviewed positively. You should select those workers who have proven their professionalism an accuracy and they should too get certification from the platform of Amazon.

You can be using their qualification portal or you can create your own list and details of qualifications.

This is a best platform because by checking out their certification and reviews, you will get a full proof that whether he is a reliable worker or not.

Companies Can Save Fixed Labor Cost

Companies are being using this platform so that they can categorize their product items, for clearing their database and also to get the feedback on their products, they use this source so that they can edit content of their products.

This source is a convenient platform for the companies so that they can well scale up their workforce. There is no need for any company that they have to hire temporary workforce, they can simply outsource these people.

This is a simple way of hiring for any company. Rather than recruiting a proper team and set of workforce, any company can outsource people by using this platform. You can simply pay them for that completed task and then for next project, you can outsource another set of team.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Worth Your Time? 

Yes this is a reliable platform. As this program is started by Amazon, that is why enough repute is given to it. Small and big clients come on this platform and then deserving workforce and individuals are assigned these tasks.

This platform has helped maximum companies and freelancers to work together. Though you will not earn much in bigger amounts from this platform, but still we say that it is a reliable source.

This source comprise of healthy and successful network of people. You can get an hourly wage of 7 dollars from here. So if you are free and haven’t any other skill then go for this site and start earning money every month.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk A Legitimate or Scam?

So one can use this crowdsourcing platform which is Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is a legitimate platform and many positive reviews you can find on the web. If you are fresh and you want to earn cash from home then become the member of this Mechanical Turk platform.

You only have to understand that how you will grab the hits and projects and how can you decide that which hit and project will work for you. Plus, its payment process is quick. You will get two options, cash or in the form of gift cards.

You can get experience on this platform and utilize it on many other freelancing platforms as well to boost up your income.

One thing is very clear, it is not designed to earn a full-time income from home. You can earn few bucks per month to add your side income. For full-time income from home i always suggest to see my #1 recommendation.