AmaSuite 5.0 Review [2021] – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Amasuite 5.0 review 2021!

Amasuite 5.0 claims to be the ultimate software for Amazon sellers and affiliates which we have evaluated in this review.

Business Name: AmaSuite 5.0
Price: Varies (See Below)
Business Owner: Chris Guthrie
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 points

AmaSuite 5.0 Review

Everyone is familiar with the name of Amazon and if you are not then simply go to Alexa or SimilarWeb to check the overall ranking and traffic of the site. 

There are millions of products available in the marketplace and you can use this place to earn a full-time income either promoting your own product or working with as an affiliate.

The problem is that it is not simple and requires a lot of effort and even a very few people would be able to succeed.

There are a lot of products available online claiming solution for this problem but I do believe that AmaSuite is a great way to fulfill your dream.

If you are looking for creating an Amazon site and aren’t sure exactly which type of products you should select and promote to your audience then this review will uncover how AmaSuite will get rid of all your problems and provide ready made solution within few minutes.

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  What is Included in The Amasuite 5.0?

1. Azon Top 100 Analyzer

In order to find a good product on Amazon, it requires a considerable amount of time. After investing so much time, it is still not guaranteed that you would find the best one.

Now this problem can be solved by using this tool that helps you to find top selling products on Amazon.

It will also uncover top 100 products in every category that may be promoted to earn affiliate commission.

Moreover, you could easily see top sellers, best rated, hot new releases, most gifted, and most wished-for products.

2. Azon Product Inspector

As the name indicates, it inspects and extracts hundreds of keyword targeted products.

This tool goes beyond Azon Top 100 Analyzer tool and uncovers easier to rank products. It will also uncover the overall rank of the product listing.

This all starts from adding your affiliate id to the software and keyword. It will allow you to use the price range, average customer rating, and product discount features.

3. Azon Keyword Generator

This is another great tool that helps you to find tons of low competition keywords that are very easy to rank.

In addition to this, you would access to their search volume (using keyword planner) and domain name availability.

These are extremely low competition and just write quality content on those topics and that’s it….you are on the first page of Google.

This tool also has a feature so that you may enter multiple seed words to get access to keywords in a much quicker way.

4. Azon Review Finder

It is newly added in the fourth version that extracts top reviewers related to your product. The sole purpose is to ask from help and any help from them will boost your sales to the great extent.

You could also use to find top reviewers to check what they are promoting and how.

This tool also let you know whether the person has given a video review in past ten reviews they have posted. This product will help you to find video reviews and you can focus on these products to get huge conversions.

  Things I Liked:

i. All in One Product

This is the definitely a right word for this product and it has made our work so easy. Remember I am not talking about it is done for you and after purchasing this you would be making money online rather it has eased off the whole process.

You can easily find plenty of useful keywords that you can rank in few days by just writing a good article and don’t need to build backlinks for your site.

There are millions of products listed on Amazon and lot of products are looking for people to promote them. The good thing is they are receiving good numbers of traffic.

I called this tool a great competitor analysis. You could easily check what top competitors are doing and which products they are selling. I think this is a great product for everyone who wants to earn long lasting income from Amazon.

ii. User Friendly

If you are a beginner or more professional, I think this is designed for everyone. Just watching training in the member’s area, you would be able to use this software very easily.

Moreover, there are numerous filters with these tools so that you can easily get results as per your need.

Some people like to work on keywords that are getting good traffic with low competition but others are looking for keywords that are getting reasonable traffic but with very low competition.

These filters don’t only pertain to above category as there are numerous ways you can use this function for your ease.

iii. Great Support

I think the product is very easy to use and it comes up with quality training but if you are still looking for their support then you could easily get this via email.

They also have a very active Facebook group where you can easily contact owners to ask any queries you want.

iv. Excellent Bonuses

With this product, you would get some great bonuses in the form of;

a). AmaSync WordPress Plugin – This plugin helps you to export products from Amazon to your site in a few clicks. This will display its image, price, and other significant details. It will make pages more eye catching and helps you to decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

b). Amazon Affiliate Training Course – It is nine modular course that is completely designed to help people to earn money by becoming Amazon Affiliate.

The good thing about this course is that it is a complete product that contains A to Z information from keyword research, setting up a website, writing content, monetization and traffic that converts.

c). Amazon Sellers Training Course – This course is a complete guideline of selling your physical product on Amazon. Chris Guthrie has shown how Amasuite will help us to do this task effectively.

The training comprises; how to select a product, finding a supplier, make sales of your product, getting reviews on Amazon, scaling up, and different webinars.

d). Companion Study Guide – This is a great guide discovering 17 ways to use and earn money through Amazon. These methods comprise Chris best methods that he used in the past and has generated over $1.5 million dollars from Amazon. The methods are great and if you follow then this will simply increase your chances of success.

e). Massive WordPress Video Training Course – If you are struggling to work on WordPress site then this is the best sources to perfect it. It is a seven modular course and has over 125 videos.

It contains all information from basic to advanced, SEO, building backlinks, social media harnessing, and monetization.

  Things I Didn’t Like:

i. Hard Work is the Key

By reading above you may be thinking this as a done for you making money online then my friend I am very clear that this is not the tool that you are looking for.

I even would not believe in such type of things. This tool definitely helps you to identify potential markets that you can target.

It will uncover opportunities that you are looking for. Most of the people are unsuccessful simply because they are not properly searching their niche and keywords. This task will be very easier using this tool.

But all this does not end here and you have to work hard after this to put consistent effort on your site in the form of writing great quality content. The benefits are obvious as you would get ranking very early.

  Is Amasuite 5.0 Is a Scam Or Legit?

To be honest, it is a great product for everyone who is looking for earning a full-time income by becoming Amazon affiliate.

There are millions of people promoting Amazon products but very few of them would be able to achieve this. I definitely believe that if you use this product for this purpose then you will reach your goals very early.

There are a lot of testimonials that are available on different places that you can see to become familiar with the views of their old customers.

I think this product offers so much and explore so many opportunities so that you may find it difficult which one to start and which one take precedence.

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