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Aliexpress Affiliate Plugin Review – Best for E-commerce Sites!

If you are looking to know what the Aliexpress Affiliate Plugin does and how well it can help you make monthly commissions off the AliExpress E-commerce website, then this review is for you.

I have been on this plugin for a while now, and I can tell you that it has quite amazed me, as I will be revealing it to you. So be sure to read this post to the end to get the real gist of the plugin, and know whether it’s going to make a good fit for you.

So let’s get into things here.

Product Name: Ali Express PluginAli Express Plugin review
Website Address:
Owner: Alibaba E-commerce Site
Price: One-time fee of $39
Verdict: Legit

Ali Express Plugin Review – Introduction:

If you take the time to ask people who have always had the desire to make money online why they still haven’t done it, you are going to get many responses, some of which will greatly shock you while others make you laugh your heart out. Most people have an unknown fear of trying things out because of the myths and misconceptions they’ve heard about online jobs. Some have heard that it is tedious and mind straining while others fear being scammed, which is, to some point, understandable.

But let me personally ask you this question, “what is stopping you from achieving your online success? ” What is stopping you from getting your own share of success by creating another income stream online? Most responses I get from people who are really interested in doing this is that they don’t know which technique works best and pays even more.

Well, as I have always pointed in other posts, affiliate marketing is the only technique that pays well, easy to learn and implement and can earn you a comfortable living in just a few months. And you don’t get to spend your whole day working at it, like the regular 9 – 5 jobs are.

What do I mean by this? Well, it’s plain and simple.

Always evaluate the kind of program you want to join before actually joining it. Look at the commissions they pay, the terms and conditions they set for affiliates, the amount of support they are willing to give you and most importantly, how dedicated they are to making the affiliate program work, both for them and their affiliates. Doing this will give you a deep insight into it and help you only get to work with something valuable and useful.

And to show you how practical this gets, let’s take a deep look at the Ali Express plugin and see what it’s like.

What is Ali Express Plugin?

It is basically a plugin that is made by the Ali Express e-commerce website that helps affiliate marketers wishing to sell on behalf of the company have and easy time to promote their products and directing the potential buyers to the main site. This plugin was made back in September 2014, a few years after launching the Ali Express E-commerce website. Ali Express has been highly competitive in the industry and has sold more products than almost all other e-commerce websites.

This plugin allows you to import products from Aliexpress site straight into your site. It allows you to build a highly professionally looking store of high-quality merchandise in minutes.

At this point, AliExpress has gotten over 200,000 merchants, both the exporters and manufacturers, from all over the world. The thing that has drawn many merchants to this site is the fact it gives free shipping for all the products bought on the website, anywhere in the world, which is a huge deal. The wide range of goods it sells has hiked up to 100 million, and note that this figure keeps going up always. Within the short time, it has been in operation; it has gained much influence and trust from many folks throughout the world.

How to Configure this Plugin?

To do it properly, please see this detailed video;

Well, everything about Ali Express plugin is about affiliate marketing. It helps affiliate marketers have an easy time promoting products and directing buyers to Ali Express, which earns them commissions through their affiliate links or ID.

What should you do if you want to use this affiliate plugin?

Just how should you go about it….

• Join the AliExpress Affiliate Program

Before anything else, before getting to promote the products, before getting to purchase the AliExpress plugin, you need to have an affiliate account with the main website, where you will be linking buyers to, to make their purchases, which is then going to earn you commissions.

You can’t promote something you’re not part of.

So the first thing should be to get your account.

And, for this, you will have to go the main website, then head to the affiliate program platform and sign up for an account, where you will log in every time you want to do anything with the actual affiliate program.

Once you sign up for an account, you will then have to request to be part of the affiliate program. And you will have to give details about yourself, your website, your contact information and answer other few more questions related to your affiliate marketing strategies. And after submitting your request, you will wait for them to review your request and see if you are worthy of joining.

If they allow you in, you should note that you have just gone past level one.

• Getting the Aliexpress Plugin and Adding it to Your Site

After you have been approved as an affiliate, you should then go ahead and purchase this plugin that is going to help make things easier for you as you do your campaigns.

And after making the purchase of it, you are going to add it to your website. It is very easy to do and only takes less than 5 minutes, on a WordPress site or any other that you may be using.

After adding the plugin to your website, you are going to see it appear on your website administration area. This is the back end of your site, where you publish your blog posts and pages. There you are going to have the ability to add the products which you would like to be promoting to your visitors, give discounts and special offers, and even customize the plugin settings to match your personal preferences.

• Making Money!

Now you’ve joined the affiliate program, gotten the plugin and added it to your website, the only work remaining here is to promote the products. And this means using the all the techniques possible to get to the potential buyers. And you can do this in many ways, through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is free, Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing which you pay for, or social media marketing, which is also paid for. Or any other method you feel is going to pay off.

And that’s pretty much how it works.

Who is it For?

Well, this plugin is designed for affiliates or affiliate marketers (however, you wish to call them) and anyone out there wishing to get into affiliate marketing. If you have had the burning passion for making money with affiliate marketing, as you may have heard and seen others doing, you can also do it through this plugin in the company’s affiliate program.

But you have to know that the light training resources in the plugin, don’t teach you the exact way to go about it, it only gives the resources that you’ll be needing to do your promotions. If you want to learn further about affiliate marketing, and how to set up a successful affiliate website, then you should check out wealthy affiliate, it is the best platform so far that teachers properly and whose techniques work for virtually any product that you want to promote.

I would also like to emphasize the fact this plugin may not be suitable for some affiliates like:

• Lazy and unmotivated affiliates – One thing you should be prepared to do is to put in a lot of effort to market the products, to make money. If you are the kind of people who want to have everything on autopilot and sleep through commissions, then you are going to have a very difficult time creating success with this affiliate program and any other one out there as well.

• Uninformed and Uncommitted affiliates – First, if you haven’t been into affiliate marketing before, you are going to have a tough time making sales, as you don’t know which audience to target, how to approach them, and how to have them convert, your audience, to buyers. So you are going to want to get a good affiliate training, and the best place to do that is at Wealthy Affiliate.

You should check out my wealthy affiliate review to see how it works and see how it’s going to benefit you. You also have to be fully committed to marketing the products, to using all the marketing tactics that are legit and you know pay well. And if you work hard at it, you are going to hit the $30,000 a month mark as the other affiliates of the program are at.

What is Included in the Plugin?

There are quite some features in this plugin. And all of them are geared towards helping your marketing experience be a seamless process and making commissions a daily thing for you. And to know more about it, here are some of the features included in the plugin:

• Beautifully Designed Themes – You get access to some of the well built, easy to use and highly impressive themes from within the system. The themes are given freely; you don’t get to add a cent towards their purchase. You only have to choose the one that makes you happy and work with it on your site. All the themes work great on WordPress sites and the like. And their value supersedes other paid themes out there.

• Step by Step Guide and Video Walkthroughs – You also get step by step instructions to perform various functions within the plugin and video walkthroughs too to help you work out various issues or also perform other more difficult functions. You also get a few tips, a few, on how to make the most of the plugin to see great results.

• Free Life Long Plugin Updates – The creators of the plugin are always at work, on it. They are seeking to tweak it to make it more effective. And for this reason, it keeps evolving with time and all the updates of it are made accessible to you, completely free of charge. And I can assure you that in every update made, a huge deal of impact is felt on your site regarding ease of use and commission value.

• Full After Sales Support – Once you make your purchase of the plugin, you still get access to the support team of the plugin and the affiliate team as well. This means that, in any case, you find problems with setting up your plugin the way you want, and you don’t get any worthwhile solutions in the videos and guide provided, you can have a support expert help you out on that, whenever you like. However, you like it.

• Live Web Stats – If you are the kind of people who want to keep a constant eye on their products and their performance, then this will serve that on a silver platter. You are going to get stats on your products, the page views and which products are doing best, and more interesting, exactly how well they are doing. And in this way you are going to know which strategy you have been using is working well and go ahead to use it across all your products.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The plugin can be easily incorporated into any website. This means you are not going to experience problems with your website functionality once you install it on your website like most other plugins do.

• AliExpress is an easy sell already, and the plugin makes it a whole lot easier to work with and make money. You are not going to spend more time and effort trying to convince people to buy through the e-commerce site as it has already gathered enough influence to sell.

• Great themes with such professionalism are usually sold on other platforms. But the plugin comes with them, without any extra costs. And this is only going to add more ease of use to your website and make the selling process of the products you are promoting a smooth one.

• You are selling the products internationally to the audience from all over the world. AliExpress doesn’t limit you to a specific market like other sites do. It gives you the opportunity to let your efforts run wild, reach any pocket of people from anywhere in the world that you feel need your products and get to pay you as much as you want.

• The plugin keeps on improving and changing with the trend and effectiveness. This means that even after a decade it will still be working right and won’t have been outdated as everything that will have changed will have been reflected in the plugin. It’s like making a lifetime investment.

• With the website analysis that comes with the plugin, you won’t be needing to add Google Analytics or any other website analysis plugins into your site, which helps speed up the website loading time and make the user experience for your site a good one.

• You can import in bulk in the shortest time possible. With just a few clicks in seconds, you can add more than a hundred products to your website at a go. And this will save you the time of focusing on more other important stuff on your website.

The Cons

• It doesn’t give you a deep and well-detailed training in getting the affiliate program to work. If you are a newbie affiliate, you are going to want to get training on that to be successful with this.

• You should have a website for you to use the plugin. A website is going to make the plugin work at its fullest potential and help you make the most of all the resources given in the plugin to maximize the chances of making regular sales.

• The website analytics of the plugin is not as comprehensive as Google Analytics, which most people prefer using for accurate information.

Final Verdict:

Looking generally at the plugin, you are going to see that the owners of the plugin have really put in a lot of effort into it to make it work for the affiliates. The themes, the site analysis and other provisions are all set towards lifting more load of work off your shoulders, as the site’s affiliate, and give you ample time to focus on optimizing the website for better Google rankings and other marketing strategies, which will only bring you close to making this income stream work for you.

So, if you were to be asked, “Is the AliExpress affiliate plugin a scam?” Is it a cheat? I’m sure you’ll say it’s not, based on all it gives, right? And it sure isn’t a scam, but an effective provision for anyone who wants a smoother ride to promote AliExpress products.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Name: Ali Express Plugin
Owner: Alibaba E-commerce Site
Price: One-time fee of $39
Rankings: 80 out of 100

Have you already gotten the affiliate plugin for your website? How great is it on your site? Have you experienced any problems with it or some of its contents? We would love to hear your feedback on it. Please leave your comments below, and we will highly appreciate them.

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