Affiliate Cash BluePrint Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Affiliate Cash BluePrint review;

Business Name: Affiliate Cash BluePrintAffiliate Cash BluePrint Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $ $9.70
Business Owner: Temper Thompson
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100 points

Affiliate Cash BluePrint Scam Review – Introduction:

Temper Thompson is a 17 years old kid who is an internet marketer. He is basically a Kindle publishing expert and has launched many other internet marketing products like Email Cash Blueprint, Kindle Cash Blueprint and 47 Kindle Profit Boosters.

It is a 4 step video course in which Thompson guides that how he generate over $6000 in just seven days from a tiny list of 827 people. It is a simple three steps strategy that you can apply to your list and start generating massive affiliate commissions.

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What is Included in the Affiliate Cash BluePrint?

The four steps include the following training;

Getting People to Open Your Emails

The first step is very important because it all starts from this step. Sending mail to your mailing list doesn’t guarantee you money because the first step for your subscribers is to open your mail. This all depends on your relationship with your list or you have used a subject line which is very appealing.

Please make sure to learn ways so that you mail will get open. If they never open your email then they will never see your offer and will never buy it through your affiliate link. This module guides you about all different tips and tricks that you should use to get notice in the eyes of your subscribers.

Getting People to Click Your Links

Once people open your email then the next very important step is to let them convince to click your links and check out the offer. Thompson breaks the whole process into very important small steps so that your focus will be on each one. If you pre-sell them then they are more likely to buy once they get there.

This module is all about guiding how to improve click through rate (CTR). Thompson claims about 25% to 50% for his own campaign.

Getting People to Take Action on Your offer

Once you convince your leads then you should clearly want them to click on the buy button. Call to action is very important otherwise you can lose important cash.  This module provides important strategies to get tons of sales from any affiliate offers to your list.

Giving People a Reason to Buy through Your Affiliate Link

If you cannot do this then your conversions will be very low. It is very much possible that most people on your list are also on 10’s of other lists in the same niche. Other people are also promoting the same product to them.  If you want to get conversion then you need to stand out & give people a reason to buy through your affiliate link rather than anyone else’s.


Things I Like about Affiliate Cash BluePrint:

Legit Business Model

There are many business models currently going on. To name a few, it includes affiliate marketing, list building, product development, Google AdSense, revenue sharing, MLM and many others. I think list building plus affiliate marketing is the best business model and if you do it correctly then its results are great.

Most people focus on MLM and revenue sharing, but they could not get the return even year after year, Most of them lose their investments in those ventures but still they are checking their luck. I think the best way to move forward in online market is to start affiliate marketing. It will take time, but it is your own business and returns you great.

Though this model is very old and every internet marketer know this concept but if we see some case studies then it gives us further clear idea that how other person has implemented particular strategy and get results.

Focus on Important Concept

Affiliate Cash BluePrint break this training into the very important concept that I have listed above. Most of the time people skip that steps and looking for the reason why they could not able to get a huge sales commission. We all believe in the quantity of list but how Thompson uses only about 800 people to generate so much profit has changed the concept altogether.

Reasonable Price & Bonuses

At the time of writing this review, it is available at a discounted price of $9.70. I think it is very reasonable price for such product and it also offers certain bonuses as well in the form of;

  • A detailed mind map file of this product.
  • Step-by-step list building course.
  • PDF guide on how to build your list fast
  • PDF book on Facebook ads


Things I Don’t Like about Affiliate Cash BluePrint:

Lot of Upsells

In the front end, they are selling the product which only cost you $9.70 but at the back end there are a lot of costly upsells. This is where the product owners generate large revenue. If we look at this site upsells then it comprises;

High Ticket Cash Blueprint: It is a course that guides you how to sell high affiliate products. If you are willing to buy this then you will have to pay additional $27 from your hard earned money.


The Done for you Affiliate Cash Blueprint: This upsell will deliver you all the Thompson emails that he has used to make $6000 in just 7 days. It will cost you further $37.


The Done for you High Ticket Cash Blueprint: This upsells combine the previous two and you will need to pay $47 for this.

No Support

Unfortunately, there is no support you can find and even most other products have email support at least. If you are stuck somewhere, which is very likely, then you will have to rely on your own skills.

I think Thompson totally focus on price, upsells and bonuses but could not consider this important part. Lack of support makes this product really worthless.

Not for beginners

After reading above, if you are beginner then you will feel that this is not for you. Yes, it is true because this is only a case study and he will not guide you how to create your site and get traffic. Your first task is to build a list and you need to build a website for this purpose. After this step, do some SEO and drive traffic to your site and build a list using an autoresponder.

If you are beginner then avoid such product and your focus should be to do things I have mentioned above. If you are new and want to know about this then see my #1 recommendation.

Is Affiliate Cash BluePrint a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Affiliate Cash BluePrint is an OK product and if you just want to know how Thompson earns $6000 in just 7 days to know something new then it can be a good option for you. But overall it is not good for beginners and don’t think that you will replicate this Thompson strategy and earn that much cash because there are another lot of factors that are not shown by owners.

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