Affiliate Auto Bots 2.0 Review – Scam or Legit? (2021)

Welcome to my Affiliate Auto Bots 2.0 review 2021!

Affiliate Auto Bot or Affiliate Bots is a new platform which claims of earning a $6,457 per week affiliate commissions just by using 1-click software.

Other than this see more big claims here;

Affiliate Auto Bots 2.0 review

I know these claims are enough to get your attention but let me completely honest with you that majority of such sites are scams.

So, I have done all the research for you to share my honest opinion on Affiliate Auto Bot system.

Most of the people do not do their due diligence and immediately join them after seeing such big claims. I also appreciate you for doing your own research before getting enrolled.

Is it really that easy for Affiliate Auto Bot to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Affiliate Auto Bot a scam or legit?

 So, let’s start;

Product Name: Affiliate Bots

Founder: Not Available

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $17

Best For: Lazy People

Affiliate Auto Bots Review

Summary: Affiliate Bots is a new system that launched very recently. The whole system is full of hypes and unrealistic claims. Also, there is no information about the real face behind this product. 

I tried to look at the stuff offered by this system which is a three-step method to earn such a big income. However, the training is very limited regarding driving traffic to your videos and website. So, no traffic means no money.

Rating: 70/100

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  What is Affiliate Auto Bots 2.0?

Affiliate Auto Bot or Affiliate Bots is a new system introduced in the market with the aim of earning affiliate commissions without doing much of the effort.

They claim, “Their SOFTWARES will DO nearly all the tasks, and at the end of the month you just COLLECT money from the affiliate networks.”

They have created 17 different BOTS to launch your affiliate campaigns, and let you be generating commissions like them.

  What is Affiliate Auto Bots 2.0?

It is a Clickbank (CB) product, and we all know the majority of CB products are pure crap. Let’s look at my previous reviews on CB products of;

The product under review is also not much different than the above-mentioned names.

If that is too easy to earn money then why most of the big names are focusing too much on high-quality content and user engagement? They could easily use such softwares and make money. 

Keep reading as I will share  you with many more reasons why this system will not work.

  How Does it Work?

There are three steps you need to follow;

Step 1 – Find a Hot Affiliate Program

The first step is to choose a profitable affiliate program to promote.

Out of 17 softwares bots, 8 will guide you to find hot affiliate products;

  1. CB 250 – It will display the top 250 products of ClickBank affiliate programs and updated after every 24 hours.
  2. King of the Zon – It displayed the Amazon top 200 newest products and updated after every 24 hours.
  3. Launch Pulse – Discover all new product launches in the internet marketing niche for the next 30 days.
  4. King of the Zoo – It lets you find the most profitable affiliate program on the JVZoo.
  5. Christmas Affiliate – It shows the expected top selling products for Christmas 2018.
  6. Hosting Affiliate – This bot shows the top affiliate programs for hosting niche.
  7. IM Affiliate – This bot shows the most profitable affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche.
  8. Warrior 50 – Find the top affiliate programs on Warrior Plus with 50+ sales.

Now we have found the best affiliate programs to promote; it’s time to move to the next step…

Step 2 – Create Websites in 60 Seconds

Now, we create our website – with 3 new software bots…

  1. 1 Click Video Pro – This software creates a dozen video, squeeze page & VSL landing pages in seconds…
  2. 1 Click Affiliate – This software includes 100 pre-loaded templates of HTML (including web pages, affiliate promotions & more).
  3. Domain Aveli – It is designed for finding expired domains.

Step 3 – Get Free Traffic with Video

Until now, you have found the affiliate programs and created a website. It’s time to get traffic from Google and YouTube.

  1. Rapid Rank Video Software – This is a simple to use software that will create your videos and help them rank on Google and YouTube. Simply imports the script (written text) that you have just made with 1 Click Affiliate, tweak a few settings, and creates your video in a few seconds.
  • Now, we sit back and wait for your video to rank on buyer keywords, on both Google AND YouTube. You will also find different banners which you can add them to your videos to make them more attractive.

Other Bots

Flip DB – It displays the hundreds of auction sites on Flippa generating $200 to $26,000 per month.

  1. Resell DB – It is a database of all the top resells right sites.
  2. AutoMail – It is autoresponder software like Aweber and GetResponse, and you can use it to build an unlimited list and unlimited emails for life.  
  3. Affiliate Ads – This bot instantly finds and create banner ads for over 200 ClickBank affiliate programs.

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  Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Some Pretty Good Resources

I saw some of the bots are good and provides you access to some decent resources. You don’t need to waste time on many other places as you can find that info here.

Instead of wasting time on finding best affiliate programs and move on one by one to marketplaces like ClickBank, Warrior Plus, and JVZoo; you can simply find all that stuff in one place.

This prevents your time to waste along with showing some untapped affiliate programs that you normally may not find.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to create a video, their tool will do it within a few seconds. 

2. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

It is a ClickBank product, so there is a 60 days money back guarantee offered by this platform. 

So, if somehow you purchased this product due to over exaggerated claims and later on you don’t like that stuff, you can get refund from this platform.

The Bad

1. Totally Hype

You have heard that “Those who talk don’t perform” and just phrase also seems to be fit 100% here. You will just find tons of exaggerated claims and income screenshots with no real testimonials.

You can take such income proofs easily from Google and placed it on your site. In the next section, I will show you why this system has not the potential to achieve such big claims.

2. Not the Potential

This system focuses on affiliate marketing, and I know affiliate marketing is the best regarding making money online and especially for the beginners. But only and only when if you do it right.

Concerning Affiliate Bots training, I am OK with their first two modules. You have chosen the affiliate program and create a website in seconds… that’s awesome!

But the problem is how you can make money with this. I remembered when I first started blogging; I got excited after creating a single page blog on Blogspot

So, if you are that type of person who just wants to see that one-page website, it is a good to start your journey here.

But if you want to make money from this blog, you need traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of every website and traffic brings you money.

I couldn’t find anything in the third step that will bring you traffic and ultimately money.

You are simply provided with the video creation software which will convert your pre-written article to video, and you need to upload that in your YouTube channel.

Though YouTube is also an excellent source of traffic but those crap videos will not make you rich.

I know you will get few views and it is possible to make few sales as well but believe me to reach such income claims as shown on the screenshots you need to provide people tons of value.

Even they have claimed that such video will also rank on Google as well. This is ridiculous!

Internet marketing is the most competitive niche on both YouTube and Google and do you really think such low-quality videos will rank?

You are living in fool’s paradise.

  Is Affiliate Auto bots 2.0 a Scam?

Let me very honest with you; I’m not calling it a scam. However, it is also not a type of program that could fulfill its promises as shown on the sales page.

You can make a few bucks but to earn a sustainable income you must provide value to the visitors.

There are thousands of YouTube channels on every niche, and some are over the shoulders, while others are showing their picture. Their scripts are in-depth, and they are providing value to their visitors.

So, why people will look at your videos which are pure crap.

So, in the absence of quality videos; you couldn’t be able to rank them.

No Ranking = No Traffic = No Money

  How I Make Money Online?

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What’s your thoughts on my Affiliate Bots 2.0 review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.