Advertise-for-Money Scam Review – Another Wealth4allteam?

Business Name: Advertise for Money
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Price: Different positions (See Below)
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Overall Rank: 45 out of 100 points

Advertise for Money Scam Review – Introduction:

Advertise for Money was launched in 27 August 2015. It is an advertising platform that benefits advertisers and members and the programs they are promoting. Apart from this they also provide Facebook video training products when they join.

These training videos guides you about different Facebook strategies that can help members to boost their business and increase conversions.

Advertise for Money is very similar to site Wealth4all team, which was launched few years back and closed after about one year. They had also claimed that their system is sustainable because it is a proven mathematical formula. But their proven formula couldn’t last long.

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How to Earn Money from Advertise for Money?

Cycler Bonuses – First you need to pay $10 for registration fee and purchase the phase one position for $16. There are five different phases in this site. Each phase has 12 positions and each position cycle 12 times before it expires. For example phase 1 $16 position will earn you $4.50 after 10 days and it will rewarding you until it matures after 12 cycles.

Each phase has its own position value and it will reward you differently. Once you have 12 positions on phase 1 then you are eligible for phase 2 positions. Phase 5 each position cost you $192 and it will reward you around $43.20 after every 10 days.

In each phase, you get paid 100% commission after every 10 days for 6 cycle and after this you get paid 50% for next six cycle. For example phase 1 position rewards you $4.50 after 10 days but after 6 times this commission will convert to 50%. It means you get now $2.25 for next 6 times.

You may be thinking that what will happen if you acquire all the positions, it is simple that you can repeat this process again and again.

Admin has also set a 50/50 repurchase rule which means after 10 days your earning will be divided into cash balance that you can withdraw and repurchase balance that you can use to purchase positions. Once your account reach $20 then you are able to withdraw this amount.

By paying this you are rewarded advertising credits and you can use these credits to advertise your site on Advertise for Money.

Total cost for all 12 levels (10 day cycles) per phase…

  • Cost of all phase1 – $192 ($16*12) – Total commission from the system – $50.50
  • Cost of all phase2 – $384 ($32*12) – Total liability from the system – $64.80
  • Cost of all phase3 – $768 ($64*12) – Total liability from the system – $129.60
  • Cost of all phase4 – $1536 ($128*12) – Total liability from the system – $259.20
  • Cost of all phase5 – $2304 ($192*12) – Total liability from the system – $388.80

(In order to receive money from this system, members are forced to complete a CPA (cost per action) offer. Most CPA offers cost you nothing and will allow Advertise-For-Money to get an outside income from various (CPA) affiliate networks generating constant revenue for AFM members)

Sponsor Bonuses – Good part of this system is that both free and paid members can earn referral commission. However, free members only earn 10% cycling sponsoring bonuses while paid members earn both $5 fast start sponsoring bonuses and 10% cycling sponsoring bonuses on all Advertising Packages purchased and re-purchased by their sponsors.

Advertise-for-Money Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Advertise for Money is a system where you can earn some money. As the whole system is very simple and easy to understandable to every person.
  2. You don’t need to refer any person in order to earn money.
  3. Apart from money sharing you can also advertise your own site and learn some Facebook marketing.


  1. As I said earlier that a program similar to this had launched in the past but couldn’t able to sustain. Though Advertise for Money improve this system but still it is very difficult to run in the long term.
  2. You must invest heavily if you want to earn good money.
  3. In order to withdraw you are forced to complete the cost per action (CPA) offers.

Other Features of  Advertise-for-Money:

Payment Processors – Advertise-for-Money use only three payment processors including Payza, Solid Trust Pay and Perfect Money. Bad to see no PayPal option in this category.

Deposit/Withdrawal Fee – Deposit fee is 7% which are fee suffered by the admin and fixed $1.55 fee for withdrawal to cover administration charges.

Cycle Date – It will cycle after every 10 days e.g. if you purchase position on 25 September then you get first commission on 5 October.

Positions Limit – You can purchase unlimited positions and the more positions you have, more you will earn. In order to purchase phase 1 positions you must purchase phase 1 all 12 positions and so on….

Is Advertise for Money a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Advertise for Money is a new site and it takes time to check whether it is from honest admin or not. Moreover, there business model is unsustainable as I have seen very similar program in the past named as Wealth4allteam that was able to run about hardly one year and closed down.

Though this system requires no sponsors in order to earn good money but you will need to invest heavily, which I think is very risky for such type of business. They have also placed CPA offers to force members to complete in order to withdraw money. Product offered by this system is also not up to the mark because get advertising credits to promote your own business may not work most of the time.

My suggestion to everyone is not to invest any money because of the above mentioned reasons.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for home-made full time earning opportunity then Advertise for Money is not a system for you. Please see my #1 recommended business because it has all the things that a beginner requires.

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