AdRever Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

AdRever Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: AdRever
Website Address:
Price: $10
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

AdRever Scam Review – Introduction:

Adrever was launched in August 2015. It has over 25000 members and paid over $150,000 till date to its members. Adrever is an advertising platform where you can purchase adpacks and advertise your site to other Adrever members. It is very simple to other similar sites like My Advertising Pays, Hqrevshare, and Profits25 etc. Each adpack cost you $10 and returns you 155% return on investment.

How to Earn Money from AdRever?

Revenue Sharing – In Adrever you can purchase each adpack for $10 and this pack will allow you 100,000 ad credits and 1,000 directory ad credits. You can use these credits to advertise your own site and also eligible to earn 155% on your return on investment. It means for every adpack you invest $10 and in return earns $15.5 and also able to advertise your site using those credits.

You can purchase large number of adpacks in order to boost up your earnings. Like if you invest $1000 then you will get $1550 in return.

Referral Commission – You can increase your earning by making referrals. AdRever offers you great opportunity of unlimited referrals and can earn up to 100% referral commission of every click and will earn 5% commission on every purchase your referral make for each adpack.

Pay to Click Ads – In this method you can earn money just by viewing different ads in the member’s area and each ad will earn you fraction of a cent. This will not earn you much but if you have good number of referrals then you can earn some decent money.

Business Promotion – Each adpack you purchase will earn you money and in the form of product you will get advertising credits that you can use to advertise your on site.

Things I Like About AdRever:

Well, there is nothing much about this site that I like other than this that you can make some money if the system runs in the long term which is very difficult. Still it is a new site and will have to find some new ways in order to sustain this system in the long term.

Things I Don’t Like About AdRever:

Sustainability Issue

The big issue with such type of sites is that they cannot sustain due to their Ponzi nature. Most of the site cannot survive more than one year and even some of them closed within few months due to cash flow problems.

Actually what happens is, AdRever and other such type of sites totally depends on new signups because what they purchase will be distributed to old members. If new members stop coming then your money stuck in the system and ultimately the program will close after some time.

This system can only work well when total number of members join this month is greater than the last month members and so on. In this way company earns more revenues and it will share you more. If number of new signups decrease from last month then your daily earning will reduce and system will move towards windup.

Useless Product

Though advertising is the life blood for businesses and most of the large companies generate revenue through advertising but the product offered by AdRever is not up to the mark. Each adpack you purchase will award you some advertising credits that you can utilize to promote your own business. But getting conversions from such type of advertising is very difficult.

Why not pay other great platforms for getting traffic for your site that can provide you highly targeted traffic?

Owner Information Hidden

There is no information about who own AdRever site. This shows the lack of professionalism and also his intentions. It can never be advisable to invest your money in such site whose owner is unidentified.

Hiding such information may be the result of bad owner history or his bad future intentions.

Is AdRever a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, AdRver is a risky product and you should think twice before investing in AdRever. Some people are taking this as a short term but still it can be a risky business. If you just invest $40 or $50 then you cannot earn much money. Only those can earn who can purchase large sum of investment but it is never advisable due to above risks. About 4 to 5% people can earn money from such type of system who invest heavily and luckily able to withdraw it.

If you join such systems then you can easily smell what is going to happen in the future because if the earning will increase then you can smell that it is getting better and if it decrease then you can smell that it is just going towards liquidation. It is better to withdraw your investment instantly or else you will lose your investment. Problem here is, you can refund your investment and it can only rewarded you on daily basis in the form of revenue share.

What Next?

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