AdHitProfits Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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Website Address:
Price: $45 + Other Plans
Business Owner: Charles Scoville
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

AdHitProfits Scam Review – Introduction:

AdHitProfits was launched by Charles Scoville back in April 2013. Charles Scoville has been involved in other programs in the past and also currently running some other programs as well. He was owner of infinitybux that was closed without paying to its members and Tvi Express a pyramid scheme. Currently he is running another site known as Traffic Monsoon which is going well up till know.

If we look at the past of Charles Scoville then he is definitely a scammer as he has scammed many people but currently his both programs are running well and are paying to its members. Let see whether owner run away with the members money or he has some new intent. Only the time will tell.

AdHitProfits is basically an advertising website where you can promote your website to site members. Definitely your purpose is to bring traffic to tour website in order to sell your product and services.

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How to Earn Money from AdHitProfits?

AdHitProfits is free to join for everyone but in order to earn money you will need to invest in company shares. After joining there are multiple ways you can use to earn online like:

Revenue Sharing – Purchase directory listing of $45 or text ad pack of $10 and $45 will mature at $56.25 and $10 mature at $12.50 over the course of time. It means it offers 125% return on investment and there is no time limit mentioned in the site for its maturity. Each share will allow you 1000 views to your affiliate link. You can also earn money using this system in the form of your share mature on $56.25 and also your sales of products and services to AdHitProfits members. Let suppose if your conversion rate is 10% then still it can be a good way to earn extra money.


In order to get paid from revenue sharing then you must view 25 ads daily. Clicking more than 25 ads per day will not entitle to more revenue share instead it will entitle you additional credits that you can use for further purposes. Your surf ratio is 2:1 which means you must view 2 ads in order to earn one credit.

VIP members need to view daily 10 ads in order to entitle them for daily revenue share and also if they surf more that their surf ration is 1:1.

Referring Members – Sponsoring is not required in this site but if you get referrals then you can enhance your earnings. Every person you refer in the site will earn you 10% referral commission from every purchases and repurchases.

AdHitProfits Pros vs. Cons:


  1. AdHitProfits is free for everyone and available to worldwide members. Though you cannot earn as a free member and in order to earn you must purchase directory listings or text ads.
  2. You can earn good money from AdHitProfits if you invest money and reinvest. Due to repurchasing you can increase your packs very quickly. But it is very risky strategy. See cons below for further detail.


  1. Charles Scoville history in online world is not good and he has scammed many people with his old programs. You cannot trust such type of person because you don’t know what will happen next. Currently he is running two programs and both sites are sunning well but you never know such type of person. Due to this reason I cannot recommend to any person to invest such type of site as there is a lot of risk involved.
  2. You cannot earn as a free member and you need to invest in order to earn money. Even though you can purchase one or two shares but this cannot work well until you invest at least $500. Paying such a big amount to this site is very very risky and you need to think 100 times before paying this.
  3. The product this site is providing may not work for most of the time. Because most the people who join this type of sites are those people who are looking to earn money in the form of revenue share streams. So promoting your link to these peoples are very difficult to convert. But still I have seen example that are happy with the advertising but as per my experience it will not work.

Other Services Provided by AdHitsProfits:

Pay per Click (PPC) Banner Advertising – With PPC advertising you will pay money when someone click on your ad and not when your ad is displayed. Each click will cost you $0.25 while if you target you ad to specific country then it will cost you $0.50. You can purchase from different packages like:

  • 468×60 pixel banners require minimum budget for campaigns = $10
  • 125×125 pixel banners require minimum budget for campaigns = $25
  • 728×90 pixel banners require minimum budget for campaigns = $100

Treasure Chest Ad – With this package you can choose how many visitors and how much time they will remain in your site.


Done for Your Traffic – If you require traffic that are outside the AdHitProfits then you can choose from this package and can promote your referral link, sales pages, lead capture page, or anything else you’re involved with.

Is AdHitProfits a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short AdHitProfits is not a scam but a site that has been paying its members for over 2 years. There are doubts over its owner Charles Scoville because of his history but currently his both programs (Traffic Monsoon and this one) are running well and paying to its members. You cannot earn as a free member in this site and the only way is to invest but I cannot recommend this site due to owner’s history.

You cannot predict that whether owner has the same mood as in the past or he come up with new intentions but one thing we can do is not to invest in order to protect our hard earned money.

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