30 Day eCom Challenge Review: Is Jeraun Richards Real?

Welcome to my 30-day ecom challenge review!

If you ever been prompted to buy this product, there is a question in your mind, i.e., whether 30-day ecom challenge is a legit one or a scam.

So don’t worry!

In this review, I will unveil everything about this product honestly so that you can make a wise decision.

So let’s first look at the overview of this product;

Product Name: 30-Day Ecom Challenge

Founder: Jeraun Richards 

Product Type: Dropshipping

Price: Free

Best For: Starters and Intermediate Dropshippers

30 Day eCom Challenge

Summary: 30-Day Ecom Challenge is a new program that focus on dropshipping business. The course is free for everyone.


Verdict: Legit

What is 30-day ecom challenge?

Jeraun Richards aka J Rich has released his course “The 30 Day Ecom Challenge” free for everyone. 

Jeraun initially had the course for $497, but he did something that no other E-commerce entrepreneur has ever done.

He surprised refunded ALL of the students that paid for the course and made it FREE for everyone.

Another proven gesture from Jeraun that shows he actually loves helping people succeed and also proves that he did, in fact, make a substantial amount of money dropshipping while not relying on the money from the paid course since he refunded all the students and made it free.

Jeraun Richards is a 21-year-old entrepreneur that made six figures a month dropshipping on Shopify and has helped thousands of people make money online. 

Jeraun is one of the only entrepreneurs that has a free Shopify dropshipping course. 

To get in the course for free, go to 30DayEcomChallenge.com/FREE 

What is Included in 30-day ecom challenge?

30-day ecom challenge is created especially for people who are involved in the e-commerce business. It is a 30 days video series that will help you to earn from 0 to $180,000 per month. 

Please see some of the lessons included in the members’ area;

  • What is DropShipping?
  • What is Shopify?
  • Shopify Plans & Setting Up Domains
  • What is Aliexpress, How To Use/
  • What is Oberlo, How To Use?
  • Setting Up Your Store.
  • Setting Up Payment Processors.
  • What are Niches?
  • How to Find the Winning Products?

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Legit Business Model

The platform is advocating a business that has enormous potential in the market. I know dropshipping is one of the hotcakes nowadays.

Though it has potential, there are a lot of things that you need to care about. 

However, you don’t need to be worry too much as Jeraun Richards, who is a young, experienced internet marketer and has a good experience in dropshipping, will help you in your journey. 

2. It’s Free

I know the course started with $497 but later on Jeraun refunded all fees that he has gathered from people. It is a good gesture from Jeraun.

As the course is free, you don’t need to worry about anything. You just need to do signup for Shopify store through affiliate link displayed on the site.

You don’t need to be emphasized much here as you need to join Shopify store anyway.

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Is 30 Day eCom Challenge a Scam?

30 Day eCom Challenge is not a scam rather its focus is on legit business model, i.e., a dropshipping.

The model is well recognized around the globe.

Though the system is new but it has potential to become a good platform for the people who are seeking this opportunity

Moreover, there is no fee you need to pay. All you need is to signup for a Shopify store that is required anyway.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, if you want to be part of 30 Day eCom Challenge, I will not discourage you.

However, I recommend all of you to see my top system that is making me money month after month, called as, Wealthy Affiliate a community of over 1.4 million people. I have learned all my business skills here and now earning a fulltime income.

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I hope you will like my 30 Day eCom Challenge Review and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.