1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate Review – Is it Worth Investment?

1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate Review – Is it Worth Investment?

Business Name: 1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate – A complete Amazon Affiliate Marketing Blueprint?
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Price: $23.40
Business Owner: Shane Nathan, Dan Ashendorf, James Knight
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100 points

1 2 3 one hour affiliate Scam Review – Introduction:

1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate was launched by Erica Stone who is a full time affiliate marketer. This course is designed to train people in order to earn money Amazon. Everyone is familiar with Amazon and its affiliate program.

Erica in the start of eBook show us that she has earned $1,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 per month from Amazon. This book is also a blueprint of her strategies that she has used in the past to earn money from Amazon.

As per Erice, it only require your one hour daily and you will have your own evergreen site promoting Amazon products.

What is Included in 1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate?

This book is about 80 pages long with full of screen shots. The theme of this course is to;

Find a problem – present the solution – get the content in front of the right audience.

People who are looking for product is also facing a problem. They search on Google and you are going to help them to find the right product. Erica focus is on creation of gift sites on any niche. She provides lot of niche examples in eBook as per her gift sites are a great strategy because people buy gifts all year long.

If I summarize the whole training then it includes;

  • Choosing a niche for your gift site.
  • How to setup a free blog on blogger that is fully optimized
  • How to find a product for your blog?
  • How to find keywords for your site?
  • How to find highly optimized content for your keywords?
  • How to add Amazon products affiliate links to your blog?
  • How to add images that can generate traffic?
  • How to index your post fast?

Things I Like about 1…2…3 One Hour Affiliate:

Very Legit Business Model

The whole training revolves around build a blog based on your hobby, passion or interest and then use Amazon platform to promote its products. Amazon has millions of products that you can promote and earn advertising fee. The commission offered by Amazon is not the best but if someone comes to Amazon using your link and he/she purchased anything (other than product that is in the link) then you will get referral commission.

This is the best thing about this site. Let’s say you are promoting laptop and if someone click on your affiliate link and buy shoes then you have made a sale. People trust this platform and buy with closed eyes.

Great Training

Though this is an eBook but it is very detailed and Erica has demonstrated step by step. Moreover, it is full of screenshots and one can easily understand the whole picture. I have seen lot of poorly written products with written in monotonous mode but I like the way she communicated to the viewers.

This training is also from a person who is very skillful and has launched many other products in the past. She has been in this field for last 5 years.

Reasonable Price

It is available at a very reasonable price and spending this much money for a product like this is not a bad idea. Another good thing is that you can use blogger platform to build such site. You don’t need to spend money for buying domain and hosting. Of course, if you do this then it would be much better as it provides much more control.

Things I Don’t Like about 1…2…3 One Hour Affiliate:

Lot of Upsells

When you reached at the end of book then you will find two upsells. You will have to pay additional money for this. These upsells are based on good training because I feel that it is required you because you can utilize this and move your business to the next level. It includes;

Ninja Reviews Strategy – This is product for those people who want to write reviews for more expensive products. 1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate guides you writing short reviews for cheaper products. Its price is $21.

Pinterest Pinplosion – You can improve your visitors using Pinterest. It is also a great way to get targeted traffic through Pinterest. Its price is $13.55.

Build Business on BlogSpot….. Too Much Risk

As I mentioned above that she has used blogger for this purpose which is completely free but there is a great risk attached because if you read blogger terms and conditions then you will find that Google can anytime delete your site from its platform (blogger).

How would you feel after one year when you have a running business and deleted by blogger? Definitely, no one would love this.

If you don’t have money then you can use this but once you start earning money then you should buy your own domain and webhosting in order to avoid such issues.

Is 1 2 3 One Hour Affiliate a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, I like this product and it is great for those who are beginners and looking for online opportunity. It may not give you significant results but definitely you may earning some good bucks monthly and will learn the whole basic process.

In order to move your business to the next level then you must purchase upsells that will guide you how to write reviews about products that are of high value. They will pay you higher commission. I recommended that start with this basic product and work hard on this and once you start earning money then purchase those upsells.

What Next?

As I said, it is good for beginners and may help you to earn some bucks monthly but in order to earn full time income with all the tools and training then please visit my #1 recommendation.

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